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Frequently Asked Questions

What hospital handles your deliveries?


We are proud to deliver out of the new state-of-the-art St. Johns obstetrical wing. The hospital offers 24-hour anesthesia, a highly rated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, lactation consultants, an excellent nursing staff and beautiful facilities.


What if the doctor is not on my insurance plan?


We will gladly submit a bill for you to any insurance carrier. We will ask you to pay for your visit at the time of service and then you will be reimbursed either by us or by your insurance carrier directly for covered services. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine your out-of-network benefits or speak to Sinead or Delores in our office with further questions.


What is your general philosophy?


Our practice is unique in that we all hold the same general philosophy regarding pregnancy and childbirth. Our goal is to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery for every mother and child in our practice. We treat our patients with the utmost respect and try to make the childbirth experience as happy and memorable as it can be.


What is your philosophy about pain relief?


St. Johns offers 24 hour labor and delivery dedicated anesthesia. If you choose to use an epidural for pain management in labor, you may receive one at any time. If you choose a medication-free birth we will support you in that endeavor as well.


What is your policy about doulas?


Some doulas can offer great support in labor and in the postpartum period. Please ask us for a referral if you wish to use the services of a doula.


What percentage of your patients do you deliver?


Each of our doctors tries to be present for every delivery of their own obstetrical patients. Although the doctors deliver at least 90% of their own patients we do ask patients to meet with a few other doctors in the practice at some point in the pregnancy just in case a situation should arrive that their own doctor canít be present.


Where are you located?


Our office is located at 2001 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 970-W near the St. John's Medical Center in the city of Santa Monica.† Click here to get directions from your location, or get a printable map by by clicking here.


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