Strengthen Your Body, Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Gain  Confidence with EMSCULPT®.  

Santa Monica Women’s Health is now offering EMSCULPT®, a painless treatment with no downtime that can help women and men build muscle, burn fat, and gain confidence. This  treatment works to: 

  • Strengthen your core  
  • Reduce back pain  
  • Lift and tone hard-to-target areas such as lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and triceps 
  • Burn stubborn areas of fat 
  • Minimize diastasis recti post pregnancy 
  • Improve balance, posture and stability 

What is EMSCULPT®? 

EMSCULPT® is the world’s first non-invasive procedure to reduce fat and build muscle. By  producing supramaximal muscle contractions, EMSCULPT® produces results that are simply  unachievable at the gym. EMSCULPT® causes fat cells to disintegrate, and causes muscle  tissue to strengthen resulting in increased muscle definition and tone.  

This non-surgical, painless procedure creates dramatic results in just four 30-minute sessions.  On average, patients lose 3cm on their waist, increase muscle mass by 16% and reduce fat by  19%. Women who have recently had a baby will on average have a 11% reduction in diastasis  recti.  

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Why Is a Strong Core Important?  

The abdominal core is involved in every activity of daily life. Whether you are sitting in a chair,  picking up a package, exercising, or getting dressed, you are engaging your core muscles. A  strong core keeps the back strong and healthy. Having a strong core is also the best way to  prevent and reduce lower back pain. Moreover, strengthening the core helps with posture,  balance, and stability. A strong core powers our ability to exercise and can allow athletes to  take their fitness to the next level.  

EMSCULPT®, by creating supramaximal muscle contractions, strengthens the core in ways  unachievable at the gym to take your body to the next level. Whether that’s allowing you to live  your life without back pain, recover from a pregnancy and get your body back, or work out at an  elite level, EMSCULPT® is for you!

What Is Diastasis Recti? 

Diastasis recti is the separation of the left and right abdominal wall muscles that occurs in  approximately half of pregnant women. This separation can result in a bulging of the abdominal  wall that can make postpartum women feel that they still “look pregnant.”  

Diastasis recti can contribute to low back pain, urinary incontinence, and poor posture.  EMSCULPT® has been shown, on average, to reduce diastasis by 11%. Furthermore, by  strengthening the core and burning fat, EMSCULPT® can help postpartum patients return to  their normal exercise routines faster, get their pre-pregnancy body back, and regain their  confidence. 

Who Can Benefit From EMSCULPT®?

Anyone that wants to strengthen their body and burn fat can benefit from  EMSCULPT®! Some of the most popular reasons patients turn to Santa Monica Women’s Health for EMSCULPT® include:


EMSCULPT® is a great way to get your body back after having a baby. Between the stretch  that occurs during pregnancy and the demands of breastfeeding and caring after a  newborn, the abdomen really takes a beating. Many women feel very weak and drained  postpartum and EMSCULPT® can really help treat the weakened rectus muscles and the  resulting back pain. Because these muscles are atrophied a lot of patients have trouble  resuming their normal exercise routines which can be another source of decreased  confidence postpartum. EMSCULPT® can help strengthen that core, reduce back pain, and  help you return to your pre-pregnancy body and work-outs. 


Many women going through menopause discuss the sudden increase in lower  abdominal fat. Emsculpt, by increasing muscle mass and burning fat, can help treat this  frustrating and demoralizing side effect of menopause. Furthermore, as women age,  posture, balance and stability can be affected which can increase risk of falls and  fractures. By strengthening the core, EMSCULPT® can help counter these risks and keep  you strong. Women also notice a reduction in skin tone and elasticity with age and EMSCULPT® can help with this change on the abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps and thighs.  

Back Pain 

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the doctor’s office. One of the best  ways to treat back pain is to strengthen the core muscles. The supramaximal  contractions created by EMSCULPT® strengthen the core in ways that cannot be achieved  in the gym. Thirty minutes of EMSCULPT® can alleviate years of back pain.  


Whether you are a daily gym goer or an elite athlete EMSCULPT® can help take your fitness to the next level. EMSCULPT® generates muscle contractions that are not achievable in the  gym thereby taking your core to the next level. The core muscles power all movement  and activity and by strengthening this area athletes can push themselves further. 


EMSCULPT® burns fat, builds muscle and improves confidence. EMSCULPT® will help you to  look your best. Get your body toned, trimmed and lifted before your wedding, before a  photo shoot or a red carpet event. In four 30 minute painless sessions, EMSCULPT® will  have you looking your best and feeling your best.  

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What to Expect During Your EMSCULPT® Appointment at Santa Monica Women’s Health 

When you come in for your EMSCULPT® treatment we will ensure a comfortable, efficient and safe experience. Here’s some information to keep in mind:

  • All sessions take place in a private room 
  • The room is sanitized between each use
  • All sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are painless 
  • Listen to music or watch TV during your session 
  • Reduce fat and increase muscle mass on the abdomen
  • Strengthen and lift that booty 
  • Improve tone and definition on the arms and thighs 

EMSCULPT® for Men 

SMWH welcomes men for EMSCULPT® treatments. We know that men will love the changes they see in their body. Here’s what EMSCULPT® does for our male patients:

  • Strengthen your core and get the six pack you’ve always wanted 
  • Treat back pain 
  • Improve your athletic performance 
  • Build out your calves, biceps and triceps


Fight Fat and Sculpt Your Body with EMSCULPT®


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