Fight Fat and Sculpt Your Body with EMSCULPT®

Santa Monica Women’s Health is now offering EMSCULPT®, a powerful treatment that can give you a new level of confidence. Book your consultation to learn about how this innovative technology helps women and men:

  • Reduce areas of stubborn fat
  • Create more muscle definition
  • Sculpt and tone the body
  • Lift and firm hard-to-target areas
  • Love their abdomen, booty, biceps, triceps, thighs, and calves

Stop struggling at the gym and with trendy diets. EMSCULPT® is the world’s first non-invasive procedure to reduce fat and build muscle. By producing supramaximal muscle contractions, EMSCULPT® creates results that are simply unachievable at the gym.

This non-surgical procedure creates gorgeous results after just a few short and pain-free sessions. In fact, EMSCULPT® boasts a 16% average increase in muscle mass and a 19% average of fat reduction!

EMSCULPT® causes fat cells to disintegrate, and causes muscle tissue to strengthen resulting in increased muscle definition and tone.

Schedule your EMSCULPT® consultation today to learn about how we can help you fight problem areas and love the skin you’re in.


Fight Fat and Sculpt Your Body with EMSCULPT®


EMSCULPT® Results You’ll Love